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Struck by an Angel: a Rafe and Alison fansite


---Tuesday-Worried about her baby, Livvie faints when she overhears Rafe's conversation.
---Wednesday-Rafe and Ian become concerned when they suspect that Livvie heard their conversation.
---Thursday-Alison makes Kate an offer, and after thinking it over, Kate reluctantly accepts.

---Deniece comes to Livvie's rescue.
---Rafe continues to have a difficult time fighting between his past with Alison and what he assumes his present with Livvie.

---Livvie fears the identity of her unborn child.
---Jack plans a special birthday surprise for Alison.
---In the name of justice, The Avatar becomes more violent.
---Jamal clarifies his feelings for Alison to Marissa.
---Livvie and the Avatar come face-to-face.
---Alison returns to the hospital.
---Livvie rushes to the emergency room.
---Alison and Kate move in together.
---Wed. - Romance blossoms between Jack and Alison.
---Fri. - Livvie comes face to face with the Avatar.
---Livvie fainted out of fear for her unborn child after hearing Rafe discuss the Avatar's qualities.
---Alison and Jack grew closer.
---Alison gathers another ally in her quest to regain Rafes heart.
---Jack helps Alison celebrate.
(July 29 - Aug. 2)
---Livvies baby is in danger.
---Jack courts Alison.
---Rafe faces the Avatar.

Another PC resident will soon meet up with Avatar, the "entity's" identity, rumored to be a shocker, will remain a mystery a while longer.

Livvie finds herself consumed with fear on July 25th, upset about the possibility of the pregnancy and the worry about who is the Daddy. And she must be indeed pregnant as her unborn child is in jeopardy on July 29th.

Tim, Ian's friend, has the info about the ancient myth of the Avatar and Rafe reveals he has met such a creature in his past. Tim however thinks that the Avatar is just a myth and nothing to worry about.

The shadows spirit has invaded a PC castmember. Livvie fears the shadowman has impregnated her with a monster. She tracks him down and demands to know more about him. Little does she know that the father could be someone she already knows.

---The new mystery in PC drove Livvie to see her many sins in a new light.
---Livvies eyes are opened to how far shes gone to keep Rafe and Alison apartwill she change her ways?


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