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Struck by an Angel: a Rafe and Alison fansite
Rali History

How Alison Barrington and Rafe Kovich fell in love...

       Rafe Kovich came to Port Charles to help Port Charles rid the Evil in the town. Rafe, at the time, was a Vampire Slayer, from Transylvania. Coming from a long line of ancestors, including Lucy Coe. In 1991 Caleb killed Rafe after Rafe mistakably turned his back on Caleb to help an injured woman. He then became an Angel.

In 2001, Caleb came back, after being killed several years before. He took Livvie as his bride and had her doing his Evil work. Breaking couples up.

Alison is the grandaughter of the wealthy Amanda Barrington, who went againt her grandmas orders in order to be with Jamal, her love. She and Jamal teamed up with Livvie and Jack to fight Caleb, not knowing about Livvie's evil ways. 

One day Rafe to Alison to a monastery to get answers about Caleb, when a tree fell and hit Alison on the head. Rafe immediatley told Jack to run and go get help. Once Jack had left, Rafe put his glowing hands on Alison's wounds, and when she awoke, she didn't feel a thing, and her wounds were all healed.



One day, while Rafe was walking, he saw  wounded bird, on the verge of death. He healed it with his hands and set it free. Alison saw this event, and knew then that he was an Angel, but promised not to tell anyone. Rafe even showed her magic, by making a Pink Rose appear for her. When Caleb is defeated, Rafe's next mission is to heal all of the broken hearts in Port Charles. Alison helps him in everyway that she can, but he doesnt really like that, because he is falling even more deeply in love with Alison.                                                                                     Alison is still having problems with Jamal, when he finds out that he and his ex-girlfriend Valerie are having a baby. She is upset and one day while her and Rafe are talking, he kisses her, and she does the same.


As time goes on, Jamal groes further and further away from Alison, and Rafe is struggling to get his feelings out in the open. Jamal is still wanting to see Valerie, which makes Alison upset. So she runs to Rafe for help. One day after the finished talking and he left, she found his jounal sitting on the bench, so she decided to read it, and was very shocked by what she had discovered. Later Alison confronts Rafe, and the both get their feelings out in the open, about their Love for eachother.


Rafe finally has to say Good-Bye, and they are both left heart broken. Alison attempts to contact him through one of her magical candles, but awakens to find it was only a dream, but then she sees the Pink Rose, he gave her in the dream and wonders if it was a dream. Rafe gets scolded by Ed for planting the Pink Rose for Alison to find, but Rafe thought it was worth it.
     Rafe inevidably makes a deal with the Devil, in order to live a human life on Earth with Alison. The Devil, though has different plans, and takes his memory as a side effect. Livvie finds him in the woods and spins her Evil over him, will he ever remember the truth, Watch Port Charles: Torn!!


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Thanks to Heaven on Earth for help on writing their history and Aurora's Snappy Palace for the awesome photos!!