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Struck by an Angel: a Rafe and Alison fansite

Struck by an Angel: a Rafe and Alison fansite

Torn Apart
Version 1.0


Welcome to Struck by an Angel, Version 1.0. Each new Story Arc, brings a different twist for Rafe and Alison, thus bringing a new Version. This Story Arc brings about Rafe and Alison being Torn apart by the EVIL Livvie. I hope you enjoy Version 1.0, and keep coming back, to get exclusive Rali updates, as well as next season, for Version 2.0

To the left you will see the newest Opening Sequence for Port Charles. You can save it as a gif, and use it on your site, but don't credit me, credit Port Charles Soap, on msn communities.


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Thanks to Port Charles Soap, for that great video!!! Although I recorded the Music myself!